What you need to know about salon etiquette

"You should schedule an appointment with a professional stylist"

“You should schedule an appointment with a professional stylist” 

Movies and television often depict scenes of a woman sitting in her stylist’s chair gossiping away, or telling her own private affairs in hopes ofgood advice.Stylists are like bartenders, they hear all the world’s problems through their clientele. Something about their jobs makes people want to talk to them. Not only do we want to confide and have a good relationship with our stylist, but we want them to be excellent at what they do and know our likes and preferences better than we do. While this would be the ideal client/stylist relationship, I seldom happens and more often than not it is because of a breach of simple salon etiquette.

- Timeliness Matters

It is very important to show up to your appointmentjust a few minutes early. Stylist schedule their appointment very strategically. They know how long each procedure generally takes and how long they have in their day to perform it. If you are late, you are essentially telling your stylist that your time is more important than his. How well would you perform your job if you had a client like this? If there is no way around being late, make a courtesy call to the salon to see if your tardiness is going to disrupt the stylists flow or if you should reschedule or come on in. This simple phone call will go a long way in developing a trusting, respectful relationship with your stylist. Like any successful relationship, it is all about communication.

- Know What You Want

"Ask her some important facts like which hairstyle will suit your face"

“Ask her some important facts like which hairstyle will suit your face” 

Before you visit your stylist (on time) be prepared. Know what you want and bring a picture as an example. Let your stylist know important facts like how long you have to style your hair each morning and what kinds of products you can afford. Be aware of how much the services you’re asking for cost and be prepared to pay it without complaint. If the cost is too high, do not visit the salon. The last thing a stylist wants to hear is their client complainingthat the cut or color they are working so hard on is not worth the money.

- No Cell Phones

Don’t text while you’re getting your hair done. Do not take calls while you are in your stylist chair. Answering emails, taking calls, checking in on Facebook and texting is a rude when you’re in the stylist chair. The stylist full and total attention is on you and your hair and yours should be too. Ignoring your stylist throughout the treatment can eventually effect their work. It is similar to going to the doctor. Many offices post announcements that if you are on the phone when the doctor arrives for your appointment, he may see other patients and return to you later. Even if you are not the chatty type of client, its best to stay focused on the matters at hand.

- Respect Boundaries

"Breaking through personal boundaries is unethical"

“Breaking through personal boundaries is unethical” 

While your stylist may listen to your stories as your hair is getting done, this doesn’t mean she wants to be your BFF. Stylists are just normal people and some may not be comfortable sharing personal details of their life or hearing uber-personal details of yours. Respect the personal boundaries of your stylist as you would any other professional whose services you seek out. Breaking through personal boundaries is unprofessional and can cause problems for both the client and the stylist.

- Stylist Etiquette

"Client is the priority"

“Client is the priority” 

Salons and stylists must also follow a certain code of etiquette as well. If they are overbooked or running late, a courtesy call to the client is expected. Much like when a client calls when late, the stylist must show an appreciation for the client’s time. Cell phones and side work are another point of contention. Stylists should not take calls or tend to other customers while working on your hair. All attention should be on the client at hand.

Etiquette Tips from a Top Salon in Echo Park

Here is some further advice on Etiquette from the salon I personally use. Rock Paper Salon, a top salon in Echo Park, has stringent rules on etiquette and client courtesy. “Our stylist are always 100% honest. We are upfront about our costs, services and what each client can expect.” (Learn About Rock Paper Salon) “It really is just a matter of simple courtesy. We treat our clients as we like to be treated.” Says Kim C, owner of Rock Paper Salon, a top salon in Echo Park. Courtesy goes both ways. Going to a salon and being treated badly is as annoying as a client showing up and being rude and entitled to salon staff. Take these tips from a top salon in Echo Park seriously and you are sure to develop a great and long lasting relationship.

Save Money On Your Summer Trip! 5 Apps For Your Travel Booking Needs

Summer is surely the best season of the year to get out of our households and frolic somewhere else. But, don’t get too excited just yet. While traveling can be such a hassle, booking your travel can be a more pain in the neck – not to mention, pain in the wallet. Don’t let this worry you, though. There are 5 apps you can just download in your smartphones that will help you save money when booking for your trip… big time!

  1. Expedia

Want to get great deals on your flights? You might want to download Expedia for that. This mobile app will surely make your trip-planning easier as it finds you special deals in which you can save money – may it be on airfare, a car rental, or in booking your hotel rooms. With its recent updates, this app all the more wows its users with its user-friendly interface and lots of photos to help you get through.

Five Best Cheap Travel Booking Apps

Five Best Cheap Travel Booking Apps

  1. SkyScanner

Did you ever wish you could hire a personal travel agent to help you through your flights? You may not be able to do so, but you can always download one: the SkyScanner. It works by scanning flights from more than a thousand airlines. After a few seconds, it will show you a list of the cheapest airfare options available for you. What’s more is that you can directly book a flight on your smartphone.

  1. Hotel Tonight

You may be irked about those last-minute bookings where you get the most expensive room just because all the cheaper rooms are already booked. Well, give Hotel Tonight a try. This money-saving app could definitely help you with your goal to save on those hotel bookings! It does not only favor those participating hotels as it helps them gain more customers, it also saves travelers up to 70% off the standard rate. If you’re trip is as spontaneous as you, save on your lodging expenses by using this app.

  1. AirBnB

If you want other options of places to stay during your summer travel, try AirBnB. It does not only give you a wide array of up to 200,000 listings of apartments, summer houses, and private island resorts, the app also ensures that these places are indeed cost-friendly. Another feature is that you can also use this app to rent out a property of yours for the summer to gain more money for your next trip.

Pack Your Bags, There is a Huge Opportunity in Travel Apps

Pack Your Bags, There is a Huge Opportunity in Travel Apps

  1. GetAround

Planning to get around the place with a car? You can definitely save on car rental if you do so from a private owner, instead of an agency. The GetAround app can help you with that as it provides you with options from private parties, including the hourly and daily rates. Furthermore, these rentals offer a full insurance coverage and could give you roadside assistance anytime. Not only will it save you money, it will also save you the effort of having to settle the paperwork since you can always book directly through your iPhone.

It never hurts having to use some help in booking your summer trip. It’s even better to prepare for it ahead of time and prepare for it smoothly by making use of these money-saving apps. 

5 Date Ideas For Sporty Couples

Regular dating keeps any relationship interesting. There’s no reason for two people not to see each other regularly no matter how hectic their schedules may be. Some people may be too busy with work or training in the case of athletic couples, but it doesn’t mean they can’t keep the fire burning. Athletes surely know how to spend quality time with their partners. For those who don’t, here are 5 date night ideas you should keep in mind.

  1. Witness different athletic events

The fact that the two of you are sporty only means that you’ll have a great time being in a stadium, court, field, or arena. You can find athletic events pretty much everywhere. They take place all-year round. Go for the ones that your partner wants. If you can find an event where your partner’s idols will perform, make sure to get tickets for these events as soon as possible.

50 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas!

50 Fun and Cheap Date Ideas!

  1. Participate in sporting events

If the two of you want to have fun and enjoy each other’s company while staying fit, you can join a charity marathon. This way, you won’t feel the competition too much. You’re there to have fun and to exercise.

  1. Engage in a not-so-athletic triathlon

Athletes always love to compete. They always have the thirst to win. Although triathlons are fun and great ways to stay fit, engaging in a not-so-athletic triathlon is definitely more romantic. You can think of any games that you want. You can play games in your smartphone, play board games, or even have a food eating contest. Choose 3 games and treat them as your “triathlon”.

10 dates you need to make before summer ends

10 dates you need to make before summer ends

  1. Play childhood games

Athletic couples will enjoy childhood games as much as any regular person will. They always want to give their best and win every game, and they’ll do the same to beat their partners in childhood games. Playing Monopoly is a great way to unwind after a long and tiring day.

  1. The usual date night ideas

These couples may be serious about training and they may be very focused on their sports, but they’re just like everyone else. Watching a good movie or having dinner at a nice restaurant is still a great way to enjoy the night.

Couples that are so into sports are often dead tired after their training sessions. But no matter how worn out you may be, you’ll always find the energy to go out on a date with the person you love. Dates can be as simple as playing board games or having dinner together. It may also be really special like watching the world’s greatest athletes take center stage. You can do pretty much anything you want. At the end of the day, what really matters is you had a great time and you made every moment count.

Ways To Battle Spring Allergies

 You can definitely stop your spring allergies. It’s just about knowing the reasons for your sensitivities and dealing with that sensitivity. Spring allergies come with different forms like runny nose, sneezing, sore throats, itchy eyes, severe tiredness, and many more. In fighting your spring allergy, you must have the essential information and knowledge which will help you battle it up. Don’t just rely much on over the counter medicines but try the simple remedies coming from natural foods which you can usually found on fruits. Lots of foods have been proven effective to fight spring allergies, and the most common are:

5 Foods to Help You Fight Spring Allergies

  1. Nuts

According to various medical researches and studies, a diet high in omega-3s and antioxidants can effectively ease spring allergies. If you are looking for something that will definitely help you out with your spring allergy, try including nuts on your diet. Nuts have high magnesium and vitamin E content. Magnesium helps relieve allergy.

Quick Fixes to Fight Seasonal Allergies

Quick Fixes to Fight Seasonal Allergies

  1. Apples

According to researchers and their medical studies, apple is an excellent protection against asthma and allergies. It is rich with quercetin – an anti-inflammatory property. If you eat apple, make sure to eat the peel for it also has antioxidants called polyphenols which avoids cellular damage.

  1. Fish

If you want to fight your spring allergy, you should boost your body’s immune system. Fish can alleviate spring allergies and those irritations. Fish contains high omega-3s, it has anti-inflammatory effects essential for treating allergies. Thus, if you want to relieve yourself from those irritating allergies, make sure you add lots of fish on your daily diet.

  1. Red grapes

Red grapes especially its skin contains resveratrol and antioxidants, these are anti-inflammatory compound. These can reduce the inflammation in your body, making it effective in battling your spring allergies. There are other foods which are rich with anti0oxidants properties like berries, potatoes, and legumes.

5 Natural Ways to Fight Spring Allergies

5 Natural Ways to Fight Spring Allergies

  1. Tomatoes

Tomato is a fruity vegetable rich in vitamin C. This is one perfect food to fight your spring allergies. If you really want its maximum effects in terms of relieving your spring allergy, you should consider tomatoes on your diet. Studies proven tomatoes effective in building up your tolerance against respiratory issues and asthma, and Vitamin C can help boost your immune system, and this is a natural antihistamine. Thus, tomatoes are one off the best options to fight your spring allergies.

Therefore, if you really want to fight off your spring allergies, you should consider the above mentioned foods on your healthy diet. These foods are effective to relieve you from those extremely irritating spring allergies, plus will make you healthy all through out the year!

Become A Better Investor In 5 Easy Steps

Investing in the right ventures can make anyone profitable. Then again, there is no easy road to becoming a successful investor. You just have to take the risk and hope that luck will be on your side. However, there are things that you can do in order to become a better investor. Here are 5 easy steps to follow:

  1. Determine your investment goals

It is difficult to be successful in anything if you do not have a goal that you want to achieve. You should know what your financial goals are and when you want to reach them. Also, you should know the amount of money you are willing to save. By setting goals, you will stay focused. Your goals will keep you from getting side-tracked when something else comes along.

5 Easy Steps to Organise Your Life

5 Easy Steps to Organise Your Life

  1. Know what type of investor you are

When it comes to investments, people are different in so many ways. Thus, you have to know if you are the kind of investor who wants to ensure that his or her money is always safe. Are you okay with the idea that you may lose money if you wish to grow your savings faster? You also need to know how important it is for you to get returns from your investments.

  1. Choose different kinds of investments and mix them

You have to understand that there are investments that grow at a faster pace than others. It is advisable to mix your investments so that you will have sufficient growth. Also, your losses will remain balanced. If you’re not confident about choosing different types of investments, you may let an expert help you. With the amount of money involved in each venture, letting an expert help you is always a good idea.

  1. Select specific ventures

When you already have an asset mix, it is time to pick specific ventures. Before you make a decision, it is important to do your research. Check how a specific investment’s past as well as how it will perform in the future.

Big Government is Moving to Crush Bitcoin

Big Government is Moving to Crush Bitcoin

  1. Keep records of investments

For you to know how a particular investment is doing, you need to keep track of it. If you don’t think you can do it on your own, let an adviser help you. Although most of the work goes to the adviser, it is still your job to ensure that the adviser is sticking to your instructions.

Anyone can be a good investor. You simply need to do smart investing. Before you even make decisions that can change your life and financial status, you should know your goals. You then acquire as much information as you can. Finally, do not hesitate to ask for help when decisions seem so hard to make.

Business Hacks: Tweak Your Business Blog


The information superhighway a.k.a. internet depicts a limitless chance for your business, and blogs are just one of the scads of programs that can help you improve your venture. A blog (contraction of the word “web log”) can give your products or services some publicity mainly because you want your business to flourish and cater to a larger number of clients. You did not just thought of actually enhancing your site without the poke for growth and profit, but you noticed that your blog seems to be so mute and is not helping at any way to your establishment, not that impeccable or even impressive. Nada.

Hence, what exactly are the things you have to do to improve your business blog? Don’t panic. There are simple means to tweak your website and here are the five easy-peasy ways to improve your pursuit of success.

Dumb down your navigation

Imagine holding an utterly complicated map. It will take you much time figuring out where to go, yes? It’s the same thing as your blog site. Once your present and potential clients visit your blog, you don’t want them getting lost with every click and back then eventually leave your page and forget about it. For example, place the Contact Us, Notices and Terms of Use, Services, Mail, and About Us at the bottom part of the page and keep it noticeable.

Hacked Again! Valuable Lessons Learned To Protect My Blog

Hacked Again! Valuable Lessons Learned To Protect My Blog

Don’t forget to tag

On microblogging or social networking sites, hashtags provide a means of grouping messages in order for a certain user to search it and find posts with the set of words that contain it. So if you want your potential customers easily find your posts, tag it. Tag a lot so searches will yield numerous results directing to your blogs.

Integrate feedbacks and ratings

Trust is a must. People landing on your business blog actually want to see a five-star rating and positive testimonials about your products or services. A display of credibility is a great customer magnet and ultimately a profit magnet.

What Every Business Should Know About Password Protection

What Every Business Should Know About Password Protection

Social networking sites will double your publicity

Incorporate or auto post your blogs to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Publish it with the hashtag and ta-da! Your posts are everywhere. A super budget-friendly promotion that can turn your business into a household name in an instant.

Tweak your website into a more appealing one

Business blogs does not have to be formal and serious. Fine-tune your tedious website by adding illustrations or high-quality photos, color coordinating your layout, and altering your writing style into a more casual manner. In short, it should be at least pleasing and fun to look at. You just don’t know how that delighted feeling encourages clients to purchase your stuff.

Excellent business blogs are all but a work in progress. If you want your online storefront to have an actual lingering capability, you have to chip in incessant portions of spotlight. Perform a site check from time to time to alter anything you think your blog is lacking and do some adjustments to the ever-changing needs of your target market.

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